Job Purpose : Develops Strategic Marketing Programs and perform competitive analysis to identify gaps or advantages in the products as compared to competitors, and may perform research to learn more about the needs of their target audience.

Reporting to : General Manager

Primary Responsibilities

a.Brand Management

  1. Create outbound Marketing activities for the products to advertise what we offer with quality service.
  2. Evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitors data and implement marketing plan to become the number 1 restaurant of choice on a regular basis (Quarterly).
  3. Define brand, identifying the brand core and brand promise and continuously evolving on the same.
  4. Enhance brand perception through various communications to reduce the gap.
  5. Audit and identify the gap between promise and delivery and finding methods to reduce the gap.
  6. Organize events to reinforce the brand image to the consumers.

b.Sales Management

  1. Develop consumer insights based on three to five year innovation pipeline for the brand.
  2. Create and Execute the Marketing Calendar with projection from 12 months to 36 months.
  3. Acquisition of new customers.
  4. Increase the frequency visit / order of the existing customers to increase overall revenue.
  5. Accountable for delivering the product pipeline launch & top line sale with gross margins, in partnership with various departments, especially operations and Research & Development.
  6. Oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.
  7. Build customer database and acquire e-mails of potential customers to which you can send daily offers and specials.
  8. Create awareness to the consumers on out product innovation be frequent promotional activities, cost effective and efficient.

c.Customer Relationship Management

  1. Strategize the entire Customer Relationship Management activities at various levels and points of the organization.
  2. Develop the policies for customer relationship. (CRM
  3. Ensure execution of policies as regards customer relationship.
  4. Develop and implement a loyalty program for frequent & lapse consumers.
  5. Assess brand opportunities to attract new consumers to create new usage occasions and stretch into new categories, new and exciting packaging.
  6. Facilitate the new product development process, which will include ownership of product formula direction, packaging (structure and graphics), forecasting, product P&Ls.
  7. Develop commercial launch plans and distribution plan for all new items.
  8. Track and evaluate new product performance based on key performance indicators. Leading innovation collaboration with all stores.
  9. Develop a long-term (SKU) Stock Keeping Unit optimization and rationalization plan.
  10. Identify opportunities to reduce costs of key products and product lines.
  11. Coordinate with supply chain and finance to understand the benefits of alternative solutions.   Leading and developing direct report for current and future opportunities.
  12. Engage and respond to customers who leave feedback and learned from their comments to show them that someone cares and is listening.
  13. Profile of target audience and understanding their needs sharply
  14. Identify the peripheral target audience and motivating them to get included in the target audience by minor changes in the products, services etc., without disturbing or dissuading the existing target audience.
  15. Promote “Customers are always right” to all employees for proper response in customers comments and suggestions.
  16. Use customer feedback, Social Media, Facebook, etc. for continuous improvement.

d.Conduct Communications Management

  1. Coordinate with HR perspective to align the corporate branding the organization among the staff fraternity which we want to do in conjunction with HR and Training departments.
  2. Conduct briefing seminar to staff regarding our marketing activities, brand promise, brand core, sales strategies, (CRM) Customer Relationship Management activities etc., to get staff belief and buy in.
  3. Proactively establish and maintain effective working team relationships with all support departments.
  4. Build trust, value others, communicate effectively, drive execution, foster innovation, collaborate with others, solve problems creatively and demonstrate high integrity.

e.Offsite Catering Management

  1. Be responsible for looking in offsite catering revenue.  

f.Marketing Management

  1. Year Round promotions base on Marketing levels to boost sales and enhance the brand.
  2. Liaison with the ad agency, pr agency,
  3. Cross promotions, events, CRM, Website 
  4. Planning for brand building campaigns.
  5. New Store Launches & Alliances
  6. Establish & manage the marketing budgets & marketing plans for all brands.
  7. Promote positive comments that provide credible and invaluable word-of-mouth marketing with the world through social media.


a.  With at least (5) Five years’ experience as Marketing Manager.

b.  Have knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts.

c.  Be an excellent communicator.

d.  Be able to respond well to pressure.

e.  Think creatively.

f.  Work well in a team and with a wide range of people.

g.   Be organized and methodical.

h.  Be proactive and able to take the initiative.

i.  Be able to motivate and inspire a team.

j.  Be well presented with a professional manner.

k.  Be persuasive and diplomatic.

 l.  Have a good business awareness.

m.  Be able to work within a budget.

1.Key Performance Indicators:






Promotion and Advertising

5% utilization

Monthly Reports






Sales Revenue Growth

30%-50% quarterly

Monthly Reports





Transaction Growth


 Monthly Reports






Offsite Revenue Sales

50% quarterly




Product Wise

Sales Analysis





Market Calendar


12-36 months pipeline