Job Description:

Each candidate of this category should have the following experience and should be capable of performing the activities specified below.

  • He must have at least seven (7)-years’ experience in troubleshooting, overhauling and repairing of faults in Screw Chillers and/or reciprocating chillers and their related equipment and accessories such as pumps, fans, Air handling units & their control panels.
  • Should be able to perform the Preventive Maintenance for Screw & Reciprocating chillers. Experience on repairing of Centrifugal Chillers will be considered his plus point.  
  • Can troubleshoot, overhaul and repair faults of screw chillers and/or reciprocating chillers and related equipment & accessories as pumps, fans, AHUs and control panels.
  • Should understand the concept of operation of electrical and refrigeration controls.
  • Can repair, adjust, replace (VFD) Variable Frequency Drives and (VAV) Variable Air Volumes.
  • Can repair, calibrate, maintain electrical power and control circuits for proper operation including DDC controls.